Implementation Services

Data Recognition Corporation has a highly experienced team dedicated to assisting you with successful implementations of TerraNova and InView online testing. This implementation team will work closely with your district at both the administrative level and with individual sites to ensure the most optimal success rate in executing online testing.

TerraNova Online and InView Online Quick Start Guide
TerraNova Online Preparation for Testing
DRC’s TerraNova Online Scoring Process

DRC implementation services also include consultative assessment of your technology infrastructure, software, policies, processes, support, and ongoing management of test delivery and reporting needs. Our team will strategize and collaborate with you on end-to-end implementation solutions and capabilities needed to successfully meet program goals. Services offered include:

Infrastructure development and integrations for:

  • Online testing Scoring
  • Online reporting
  • Automated test assembly

Software support for:

  • Electronic hand- scoring
  • Item banking
  • Test publishing
  • Test registration
  • Content management
  • Test data management, migration, and integration
  • Training on the use of new systems and integrations
  • Documentation of technical integrations (including native systems)
  • Hosting and remote platform management
  • Management services for local installations
  • Online implementation training and management
  • Online test administration, processing, and monitoring
  • Customer service

Completion of Testing Form

District Assessment Coordinators are responsible for submitting the below form. Please submit after testing has concluded for a given administration. This provides DRC approval to move forward with final scoring/reporting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the TerraNova Help Desk.

Fill the form out here.