TerraNova Overview

Tests and assessments that promote student achievement and learning with a full range of research-based standardized achievement tests, reports, and services.

TerraNova®, Third Edition features 2017 norms from a national study and delivers all the features that make TerraNova an industry leader. These are the most current and accurate norms, which allow educators to compare achievement results between groups of students. With item alignments to state standards, educators can review student results in the context of common school and district criteria, plus key enhancements that help your educators improve achievement and learning.

TerraNova Product Family

Choose any or all of these products, depending on your assessment needs.

TerraNova, Complete Battery
Provides detailed diagnostic information. This series of assessments generates precise norm-referenced achievement scores, a full complement of criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Subject Areas:

Reading (Grades K–12)
Math (Grades K–12)
Language (Grades K–12)
Science (Grades 1–12)
Social Studies (Grades 1–12)

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Plus Tests
Measures important foundation skills in work analysis, vocabulary, language mechanics, spelling and mathematics computation and provides additional in-depth information about students’ basic skills in these content areas.

Subject Areas:
Word Analysis (Grades 1–3)
Vocabulary (Grades 1–12)
Language Mechanics (Grades 2–12)
Spelling (Grades 2–12)
Mathematics Computation (Grades 1–12)

Assessment Types:
National 2011 Norms
Standardized Achievement Test aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards

Delivery Format:
Paper and Pencil

Plus Tests offer:

  • Word Analysis
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Mechanics
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics Computation
Multiple Assessments

Measures important higher-order thinking skills as well as basic and applied skills. These assessments generate norm-referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Subject Areas:

Reading (Grades 1–12)
Math (Grades 1–12)
Language (Grades 3–12)
Science (Grades 1–12)
Social Studies (Grades 1–12)

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TerraNova Survey
An abbreviated version of the Complete Battery and provides a general measure of achievement, with a minimum amount of testing time. The Survey generates norm-referenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information.

Subject Areas:
Reading (Grades 2–12)
Math (Grades 2–12)
Language (Grades 3–12)
Science (Grades 2–12)
Social Studies (Grades 2–12)

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TerraNova College-and Career-Ready Edition and Assessments
With content aligned to the College-and Career-Ready standards, this form of TerraNova features innovative items that deliver an authentic measure of the higher order thinking skills and increased depth of knowledge highlighted by the College-and Career-Ready standards.

Subject Areas:
Form 1: Reading (Grades 3–8)
Form 1: Math (Grades 3–8)
Form 1: English Language Arts (Grades 3–8)
Form 2: Science (Grades 3–8)
Form 2: Social Studies
(Grades 3–8)

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The Spanish-language version of the TerraNova assessment series, with test results based on the same scale as English-language editions using 2011 norms. SUPERA’s design, content, psychometric quality, and graphical reporting combine quality with innovation.

Subject Areas:
Evaluaciones Múltiples (Multiple Assessments)
Reading (Grades 1–10)
Math (Grades 1–10)
Language (Grades 1–10)

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A cognitive abilities aptitude test that measures verbal reasoning, sequences, analogies, and quantitative reasoning. Teachers can use InView™ results to reliably measure skills and abilities important for academic success, help plan effective programs for your students, diagnose possible learning disabilities, and screen students for placement into special programs.

Subject Areas:
Cognitive Ability (Grades 2–12)

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Online Reporting System Overview
A powerful Web-based reporting solution that provides administrators, teachers, and parents with the information to measurably improve student performance. Allows quick and easy access to assessment results, aggregate and disaggregate data to meet local instructional needs and federal AYP reporting requirements. The Online Reporting System is available for TerraNova 3, TerraNova College-and Career-Ready Edition and Assessments, SUPERA, and InView.

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